Discover and Understand Your True Potential with Our Personalized Mapping Strategy

What can you learn from having a Soulwork Map?

With the help of clearly defined natural strengths, improved perception of how we are seen in the world, and focused purpose, we can achieve our goals and live with confidence and peace of mind.

By combining the information in these three assessments  (Gallup Strengths, Fascination Test and Birthday Numerology), you can create a clear path to a successful future and satisfying life.

Let’s get going!

Coach Timi Gleason

What is a Soulwork Map?

A Soulwork Map is a combination of the three assessments with a legend explaining your unique path to your success.      It highlights four key areas: your life lessons and areas of skills emphasis; your ultimate life legacy; how you will approach problem solving; and finally, what the world needs from you!

The results of the CliftonStrengths, birthday numerology and the How to Fascinate assessments complement each other   in a synergistic way that will amaze you!

Interested? Get started!

There are TWO approaches:

  1. Request the Application Form and submit your test results (Strengthsfinder & Fascination) to our concierge.

  2. If you haven’t completed both the Strengthsfinder & Fascination test, purchase at a discount the assessments you need.  

Legend Assistance

If you want us to complete the Legend Worksheet questions from #3 - 10 for you, please send your Gallup Strengths and Fascination Reports after the checkout to this email,

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